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Thanks to Ness, I learned how to let go of stress and achieve total relaxation, mind and body.


Thank you for this incredible morning Massage! I truly felt relaxed and at peace throughout my day.


There’s nothing like a yoga session followed by an amazing massage from Ness. Thank you so much! Your customer for life!


I thought yoga was not for me until I met Ness. He taught me that yoga was not about postures but rather how to bring my mind and body to relax.


I was looking for a class that would be both challenging and gentle. However, I did not expect to find the perfect class. Simply, the first few classes almost brought me to tears, the experience felt so wonderful. There is something very special about Ness’ class!


It was my first at home massage and I loved the experience. The set up was very comfortable along with pleasant music. The massage itself was amazing and helped get rid of constant lower back pain.